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It is very easy to earn reward flight is one of the top programs for frequent flyers. American Airlines AAdvantage Program is one consideration. What simple steps that you can use without much effort, you can get frequent flier miles and still take the cheapest flight to your next flight.

AAdavantage was the first frequent flyer program in the world, and it was introduced in the 1981st Today it is the largest awards program in the airline. American Airlines Oneworld Alliance falls, which consists of 11 members and 20 airline partners. It serves some 700 destinations, and every year more than 320 million passengers. It is very important that you become a member, because it gives you more options to choose your favorite destination of the flight fee.

How to earn AAdavantage flight?

You can earn miles at a time, that you join the AAdvantage program. The first option, which does not include the cost of the car insurance quote or housing. This is not necessarily a quote, and you can earn 500 miles just ask.

Do with prize following his flight dining program. This is one of the easiest ways you can earn miles a day. Basically, all you need to do is to pay for food in the restaurants or cafes with your credit card. Every dollar spent you get 5 miles. Only four dining once a month, you could easily end up with 10,000 miles per year.

The next step, or I would be the first to have credit cards. When you apply for a new credit card you can get bonus miles, sometimes even 25,000. The first prize is 25,000 miles round trip is worth it, then you can earn reward flight in this step. You also get one mile for every dollar you spend with him.

Another advantage of the program, American Airlines is shopping. If you buy something, you can use frequent flyer miles and get. AAdvantage reward program is a collaboration with SkyMall, the 500 traders, including some of the most popular brands in total. Make a stop at the store as a habit, and you have a lot of frequent flyer miles to get.

If you subscribe to magazines or newspapers, or you buy a new cell phone, you can always use the AAdvantage miles program and earn reward flights. Statistics show that only 3% of the top seven frequent loyalty program members benefit from the program. But almost everyone is looking for cheap travel solution. You can learn more about the benefits of AAdvantage program award, in accordance with the instructions below.

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